5. Konkurs Lotów Red Bull

On the 16th of August this year the 5th Redbull Flugtag was held in Gdynia. 40 teams took part in the competition, and on a jury – among others – sat: Adam Małysz, Jakub Przygoński, Natalia Przybysz, Alan Andersz and the Mayor of the City of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek. The event was viewed by nearly 100 000 spectators gathered on the Kościuszko’s Square and 50 000 via online streaming. Production house OP1 Outpost One Entertainment was responsible for the video feed.

Two outside broadcast vans, a 45 team members, over 60 hours of filmed materials, cooperation with the TVN24 crew, 11 cameras and 2 helicams altogether. All this was organized in order to run a 6 hours long live coverage without complications. In addition, there were special news cuts shot for media, which were available right after the event. Including the material shown in the main Fakty TVN edition. Live coverage was also available to watch on TVN Meteo Active channel.

The essence of this extraordinary competition was included in a less than 3 minutes long viedoclip, which you can watch on the Red Bull’s official website. Footage was edited during the event and was ready the very same night!

OP1 also created 40 unique video-cards of each of the competing teams. Soon an over 20 minutes long video-summary of the whole event, including interviews with such characters as Felix Baumgartner, Zbyszek Bartman and Jarek Hampel, will be premiered. (#comingsoon)

Organizers of the event were Red Bull and the event agency LIVE. 684 teams from all over Poland registered for the competition and 40 best teams were qualified for the finals. “Flinstones and a Pterodactyl” team won the first prize of the 5th Flugtag. Their vehicle flew an almost 11 meters long distance.

Executive Producer: Julia Kotowska

Implementation Live: Black Burst
Streaming: Black Burst

Event clip (director and cinematographer): Andrzej Szulc Jeedrek

Producer Monika Krysiak
Producer: Anna Kordus

Cameraman: Marek Fatty Prądzyński
Cameraman: Nikita Polyakov

Sound Engineer: Milosz Jaroszek
Sound Engineer: Wojciech Cwyk

Helic: Op1 Helicam Team
Pilot: Sebastian Nowicki
Pilot: Martin Martinez Swystun
Pilot: Filip Nowicki

Technical camera operator: Michał Kulczyn Kulczyński

Assistant equipment: Jakub Ostrowski

Support: Emilia Ławrowska

Montage (news cut): Jacek Swystun
Montage (team presentations): Ania Antek Chyłkowska
Montage (highlight): Radek Moenert